Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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Season 5 begins on Dec. 25, 2020 every Friday at 11am PST for 12 weeks.
About Season 5 - "The Miracle is YOU!"
You are the Chief Energy Officer (CEO) of your life and we facilitate you mastering your giftedness in the world by realizing and living The Miracle is YOU! This TV show series will support you in strengthening your inner experience of creating the miracles you intend. Show host Ashley Lee and co-host Annie Kolatkar will engage in intimate conversations with Global Influencers who will share how their stories, insights, and wisdom are available for each person to experience. These influencers live the proof they choose to create... and you can too!
About Ashley Lee:
Ashley is an expert leader, innovator, and visionary in the field of Pediatric Advanced Energy Healing. She serves as a steward and guide for a multitude of child leaders who have already demonstrated a high level of self-realization, and who seek support on their self-actualized journey in their physical world experiences and their soon-to-be realized leadership roles in being the change we all choose to create in these years of the awakening in the Golden Age. As a pioneer in pediatric healing modalities for children with multisensory abilities, she creates an atmosphere where children, their siblings, and parents are able to explore and express their true natured selves. She is a medical intuitive, seer, empath, telepath, and multi-dimensional walker with many other masterful and highly attuned extra-sensory skill sets to guide the children in mastering their innate abilities to skill sets that demonstrate heart-centered support for all facets of humanity and our planet Earth. Ashley has also been a Pediatric / Newborn Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurse with over 30 years of expert experience, who demonstrates expertise in a deep understanding of advanced human physiology and has extensive pediatric neuro-critical care and cardiovascular expertise. Ashley is a very gifted voice in the realm of pediatric consciousness, especially where there are children with exceptional perceptive, intuitive, and leadership abilities. She is a multidimensional physical and emotional empath, which includes accessing her deep telepathic skills, whereby she gives a voice for how her clients are feeling and thinking. She is a passionate advocate, where her client’s needs are honored with enthusiasm and compassion. Additionally, Ashley has vast energetic expertise of supporting mothers and fetal children through all perinatal stages to enhance bonding and clear physical developing energetic imbalances.

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Ashley Lee
  • "Hidden Superpowers" with Ashley Lee S3E1

    Episode 1

    Week 1 – Discover Your Hidden Superpowers
    “Discover the challenges that hinder superpower activation”
    Receive a remote Advanced Energy Clearing aimed at “clearing the path to greater intuitive reception” to process the incoming energies. Your clearing is designed to relieve your four energy bodie...

  • "Hidden Superpowers" with Ashley Lee S3E2

    Episode 2

    Week 2 – Navigating the Minds of Telepathy!
    “Deepening the clarity of one’s thoughts to transmit to another”
    Experience how telepathy works in its practical applications and how consciousness challenges impact your ability to be the telepath your superpowers want to share with the World 🌎

  • "Hidden Superpowers - The Empath's Emotional Journey" with Ashley Lee S3E3

    Episode 3

    Week 3 – The Empath’s Emotional Journey
    “Emotional wisdom is key to optimal relating”
    Opening your empathic ability begins with developing the awareness of emotional wisdom. Your unique energy packet will support you in recognizing how you are the Source of your feelings; and others and life circ...

  • "Hidden Superpowers - Moving Through Telekinesis" with Ashley Lee S3E4

    Episode 4

    Week 4 – Moving Through Telekinesis
    “Movements in reality are experienced with ease and flow”
    As you take a deep dive in receiving your remote energy transmission, we support you in recognizing the consciousness challenges that may prevent you from accessing how to move objects with clarity of th...

  • "Hidden Superpowers - The Future of Psychometry" with Ashley Lee S3E5

    Episode 5

    Week 5 – The Future of Psychometry
    “Noticing the lasting energetic signatures of past experience“

    What energetic fingerprints do we leave behind?
    What do the residues of energy share with you?
    In your environment there are plenty of opportunities for you to read into the energies of life. Stren...

  • "Hidden Superpowers - The Facets of a Visionary" with Ashley Lee S3E6

    Episode 6

    Being a Visionary can create a complex experience that commonly renders confusion and misalignments in reality. “Promoting the perspectives of seeing the world through many lenses”
    Your innate ability to “see the direction the energetics of present situations” already exists inside you. Looking f...

  • "Hidden Superpowers- Navigating our Higher Hearing" with Ashley Lee S3E7

    Episode 7

    Navigating our Higher Hearing / Omni-audient Environments
    “Become the (symphony) conductor of your auditory listening skills”
    As you become aware of how you perceive the many facets of hearing the multitudes of frequencies that come into our auditory experience, you will become the (symphony) con...

  • "Hidden Superpowers- Inter-dimensional Walking" with Ashley Lee S3E8

    Episode 8

    Week 8 – Living As An Inter-dimensional Walker
    Inter-Dimensional Walking represents the innate ability to walk through multiple dimensions of awareness.

    “Stroll through multiple dimensions by experiencing perspectives from all viewpoints”
    We will be supporting you by enhancing your ability to w...

  • "Hidden Superpowers - The Touch Points of Kinesthesia" with Ashley Lee S3E9

    Episode 9

    Week 9 – The Touch Points of Kinesthesia
    “Feeling the realities of your environment within your body“
    You have access to infinite information inside your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies. This week’s energy packet will help you connect to what you experience in these bod...

  • "Hidden Superpowers - Frequency Finders" with Ashley Lee S3E10

    Episode 10

    Week 10 – Frequency Finders
    “Connect with your Inner Guidance to discern the frequencies that feel unfamiliar”
    This is about energetic relating (self, others and life circumstances) and the ability to recognize consciousness challenges (conflicts) and empowerments. Cultivating being a frequency f...

  • "Hidden Superpowers - Quantum Jumping" with Ashley Lee S3E11

    Episode 11

    Week 11 – Quantum Jumping
    “Passport to the future to create your guidance moving forward”
    Experience opportunities to build your life experiences in advance through connecting with your Inner Guidance, developing the proof you choose to see in your future.

    ---Make A Discovery Every Week---
    What ...

  • "Hidden Superpowers - Illuminating Your Avatar Self" with Ashley Lee S3E12

    Episode 12

    Week 12 – Illuminating Your Avatar Self
    “Enhancing your relating through conscious choice by extinguishing consciousness challenges”
    In the final transmission, you will be working on embodying the Empowerment of “Trust and Faith” while gaining the skill sets needed for clarity with your intuition...