Discover Your Gifts

Discover Your Gifts

Discover Your Gifts: Shows that use frequencies of divine intelligence to activate your cosmic DNA to turn on your inate gifts. Learn who you truly are by opening your divine gifts, power, talents and abilities. These teachers will give you the tools to remember who your truly are, to shine and awaken the light within, and uncover the sacred gifts you hold.

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Discover Your Gifts
  • "Kum Nye: the Inner and Outer Massage of Experience" with Don McGinnis S2E12

    In this series of classes, we discuss and practice Kum Nye, a Tibetan practice introduced to the west by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. This series gives the beginner an opportunity to explore the skills of this 'mindfulness of body and feeling practice' which allows us to open up the space to feel n...

  • “Somatic Secrets - Unlock Your Hidden Healing Powers” with Seiji OshenZa S1E9

    Title: Releasing Neck, Pecs, Hips And Lower Back
    Description: Let’s do some Somatic Healing Movement together! Expand your self-healing tool kit with these very helpful somatic movements. You are invited to participate in this relaxing and therapeutic episode where you will:
    Feel ease and comfort...

  • "52 Weeks to Living Conscious & Carefree" Stefanie Dumont & Kala H. Kos S2E10

    Topic: "Activating Your Sovereign Self: An Antidote to the Fear Virus"

    About This Series:
    What do people want most in the world? To feel love, to be successful, to contribute their value, and live a happy life. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can begin here and now. The formu...

  • "FUNdeMEntALLs of WHO & HOW I AM" with K8 the heARTist S1E11

    About This Series:
    1. Inspiring to realize that dream lives are built in the middle of one's demanding mundane routine days, one step at a time, over time. Igniting Divine sparks that will keep growing to become their FREEdom flAMe
    2. Learn Practical fun ways to tap into one's inner genius as w...

  • "Soul Empowerment: Stepping into Your Spiritual Power" with Wendy Perrell S1E9

    Guest Katerina Barrie
    Topic: "Empathic Entrepreneur: How to live as a highly sensitive empath and love it"

    About This Series:
    Soul empowerment is necessary for all souls, young and old. Prior to incarnation, all souls chose a physical form and a set of karmic experiences that supports the soul’...

  • "High Vibe Living" with Gina Nostrant S1E4

    About This Series:
    Everything is energy. Energy is vibrating at a certain frequency. When we are vibrating on a high frequency....good things such as happy relationships, excellent health, success and abundance just show up in our lives. This show will include interviews and inspiration to under...

  • "Embodied Grace Lifestyle" with Jennifer Lonnberg & Guest Jason Kendrick S2E12

    Guest Jason B. Kendrick
    Jason is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Founder of Heart-Core Communication Training. His work with others is strongly focused on Divine Masculine and Feminine Communication dynamics, differences and awareness of both. He supports his clients in empowe...

  • "Healing Your Way to Enlightenment" Christy Warnick & Louise Swartswalter S2E12

    My guest is Louise Swartswalter. For over twenty years, Dr. Louise Swartswalter has been helping transform lives individually and in groups using a unique multi- dimensional approach including Naturopathy, biofeedback, trauma release work, NLP, life coaching and e...

  • "The Pivot" with Anna Feldman & Guest Dr. Valerie S2E10

    Guest Dr. Valerie

    Anna is a passionate advocate for the storytellers and wisdom keepers of our times to become more visible.
    She is a speaker, coach, writer, and social media disruptor who would love nothing more than to see all people embrace their authentic voice and their leadership, and spea...

  • "The Reiki Ladies" with Christine Haden & JoAnn Pun S2E12

    Our show is about all things Reiki, pure and simple! We will incorporate the Reiki Principles, Reiki Meditations, Reiki Techniques, and the Adventures of the Reiki Ladies.

  • "The Healing Power of Constellations" with Annie Kolatkar & Ashley Lee S1E12

    Topic: "Unifying Your Fields" Interview with Guest Ashley Lee

    Annie Kolatkar, show host of The Healing Power of Constellations, shares the incredible hidden dynamics created from consciousness challenges inside individuals and family members, that manifest as relationship problems past and prese...

  • "Now It's My Turn" with Lana McAra & Guest Julie Reisler S2E11

    Guest Julie Reisler
    Topic: "Accessing Your Innate Superpower"
    ● How to tune in and listen to your superpower intuition
    ● Strategies for better listening
    ● The PhD model to tap into your deepest desires

    We all have this superpower of intuition. The trick is learning to tune in and listen to it. ...

  • "Angels, Water Blessings & Divine Love" with Kim Tebbutt S2E11

    Kim Tebbutt’s life experiences have led her to co-create with the Angelic Realms, host Water Blessings, and journey into the author/publisher life as the writer of the children’s book “7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You” at She hosts guests at Angel Light Sanctuary,...

  • "Sonic Light Emanation" with Sainte Grace & Guest Astaria Light S1E7

    Title: "New Moon New Earth Sound Ceremony"
    A New Moon New Earth Sound Ceremony where we will use our voices and sound to enter a deep state of receptivity to dream the golden seeds of the new earth awake.

    With guest Astaria Light:
    Astaria is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, ...

  • "Whales of Lemuria: The Language of Lemurian Unity" with Letina Russell S2E10

    About This Series:
    Born as a highly sensitive intuitive, Letina remembers the call of the dolphins and whales beginning in her teenage years.
    Wondering how to heed the call, when her youngest children were born in 2004, Letina immersed herself in the world of Chinese Metaphysics, and was fascin...

  • "Evolving Into Your Light" with Cheryl Banfield S1E10

    Evolving Into Your Light will bring you into a higher vibration and provide you with techniques to be more in your own Divine Light. We will journey through the light body structure in your energy field with meditation and sound healing. You will be brought through the 12 light centers, called Il...

  • "Activate Your Magical Self" with Maureen Edwardson S2E10

    About This Series:
    Our theme for Season 2 is how we can be empowered to shift our consciousness/frequency to be in command of our own reality, automatically creating safety and wholeness by transforming and becoming invisible to lower frequencies that are not harmonic to our well-being.

    Join us ...

  • "MetaBizics" with Jennifer Hill & Guest Julien Adler S2E10

    Metabizics is the convergence of the metaphysical world and the business world. In this show, Jennifer discusses metaphysical principles she has learned from studying spiritual principles over the past fifteen years. She shares how these principles can be harnessed by business leaders to create l...

  • "Living as the Light You Are" w/ Denise Cunningham & Guest Cheryl Brewster S2E11

    Guest Cheryl Brewster

    About This Series:
    On her weekly show, introverts, HSPs and empaths will find a compassionate space of acceptance and respect. Denise will delve into how they can feed their souls and recharge their energy fields, so that they can continue to serve the ascension of the plan...

  • Navigating with the Heart: Conversations for These Trying Times {HeartMath E2}

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    Panel Discussion Featuring:
    Jeff Goelitz (Director of Education at HeartMath Institute),
    Erika Landa (Psychotherapist),
    Shy-Quon Ely II (Ignite Achievement Academy),
    Jennifer Weldon (Assistant & Training Director at University Counseling ...

  • "Kum Nye: the Inner and Outer Massage of Experience" Don McGinnis & Donna S2E11

    Featuring Guest Donna Martin

    The practice of Loving Presence is the foundation for the episode, and we move beyond Loving Presence to an exploration of our embodied response to challenges.

    Donna Martin shares how Loving Presence naturally arises when certain conditions are met. We have the abil...

  • “Somatic Secrets - Unlock Your Hidden Healing Powers” with Seiji OshenZa S1E8

    Title: The Myth of Aging

    Happy Earth Day!
    In this episode of Somatic Secrets, Seiji explains the misconceptions about aging that we naturally accept in our current society. He also draws a comparison to the Earth’s natural healing/rebalancing strategies and how humans can heal themselves just a...

  • "Meet your Archetypes/Talents" with Ofkje Teekens & Guest Tina Hansen S1E10

    Guest Tina Hansen

    Ofkje Teekens helps viewers to meet their archetypes and discover their (hidden) talents. She talks with a guest about archetypes and talents and what role they play in their life. Every week a Quote of the week and a special reduction for one of Ofkje's special card deck boxes...

  • "FUNdeMEntALLs of WHO & HOW I AM" with K8 the heARTist S1E10

    Featuring Guest Ashley Lee

    About This Series:
    1. Inspiring to realize that dream lives are built in the middle of one's demanding mundane routine days, one step at a time, over time. Igniting Divine sparks that will keep growing to become their FREEdom flAMe
    2. Learn Practical fun ways to tap ...