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Global Coherence Pulse - Heart-Centered Meditation Event {Session 2} (8-...

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Global Coherence Pulse - Heart-Centered Meditation Event {Session 1} (8-15-2020)

The Global Coherence Channel • 51m

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  • Global Coherence Pulse - Heart-Center...

    Join Rollin MCCraty and Dr Joe Dispenza as they engage in a lively discussion about Coherence, what is it, why it’s important and what they have seen in their work and research over the last 10 years that will inspire you to deepen your commitment and practice.

    Join with us as we Pulse the Plan...

  • Global Coherence Pulse - Heart-Center...

    August 8th - 10:00am - 12:00pm PT
    Featured Partner: Gregg Braden
    Theme: Super Cycle 2020: From Chaos to Coherence
    Singing the Song of the Earth in our time of Extremes
    Musical Guest: Gregg Braden
    We’re living a time of extremes—the rare convergence of natural cycles converging in a way that hasn’...

  • Global Coherence Pulse - Heart-Center...

    PULSE Session 2 - 4pm-6pm PT
    Marshall Lefferts
    Causing Harmony
    with musical guest Heartist, Marya Stark

    Join with us as we Pulse the Planet with Heart-Centered Coherence.
    This session is part of a month-long series.
    Register to receive access to all the PULSE sessions in August.