Host Introductions

Host Introductions

In these Host Introduction videos, our hosts share what their series is about and who they are.

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Host Introductions
  • Melissa Terese McLaughlin - Host Introduction to "Ceremonial Breathwork"

    Weekly episodes air Tuesdays at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern Time for a 12-Week Series starting Tuesday, May 18th, 2021.

    About This Series:
    The BREATH is medicine. Each week Ceremonial Breathwork will take you on a journey to “remember” the fantastic tool you carry with you every day, your breath. ...

  • Host Alexia Usgaard - Introduction to "Create Your Abundant Business" Series

    Host Alexia Usgaard introduces herself and her series "Create Your Abundant Business"
    Season 1 (12-Week Series) begins Monday, March 29, 2021 at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm GMT.

    About This Series:
    Energy is our greatest resource. Time is money. Money is energy.

    In this series, we’re going ...

  • Cathy Gabrielsen - Introduction to "It's Time to Heal"

    Host Cathy Gabrielsen introduces her show "It's Time to Heal."

    About This Series:
    This is a show for all those searching to raise their vibrations! Learn how to heal, balance, and recharge your energy field, align with your higher self, Soul purpose, and connect with the Light of the Divine! Mas...

  • Melissa Feick - Introduction to "Spiritual Expansion"

  • Aurora Luna Star - Introduction to "Guru You" Series

    Weekly episodes air Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern Time for a 12-Week Series starting Nov. 11th, 2020.
    About This Series: Guru You is a dynamic and eclectic show filled with brilliant spiritual leaders who have their finger on the pulse of navigating these expansive shifts. As we are in a ...

  • Introduction to Diane L Haworth

    Series Description:
    You want to choose love. You want to be a loving person, practice kindness and live a happy, peaceful life. How do you do that when you're dealing with aging parents, family overwhelm, work stress, financial fears...and the world has gone crazy? How do you bring consciousness...

  • Gina Nostrant - Introduction to "High Vibe Living"

    Everything is energy. Energy is vibrating at a certain frequency. When we are vibrating on a high frequency....good things such as happy relationships, excellent health, success and abundance just show up in our lives. This show will include interviews and inspiration to understand and work with...

  • Margrete Chadwick - Introduction to "Conscious Global Leadership" Show

    About This Series:
    Inside the Conscious Global Leadership Series, we will explore what it looks like to be a Conscious Company and a Conscious Global Leader. We will examine the inner technology skills and tools needed to create our vision from within this new business environment. We will disc...

  • Kristie Blakesley - Introduction to "Love Your Life... It is Time"

    Weekly episodes air Mondays at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern Time for a 12-Week Series starting Oct. 12, 2020.
    About This Series:
    "Love Your Life... It is Time" focuses on self love, self care, putting yourself first. We will also use EFT to address negative emotions, thoughts, and negative belief sy...

  • Dawn Depke Introduction to "Unveiling the Vault" (Season 2)

    About Season 2:
    Did you know that spiritual coherence is the consistent and effective ability of the mind-body-spirit to communicate well with each other?

    What would having coherence like this provide for you? Can you even imagine…

    What if you could experience consistent peace of mind, self-lov...

  • Dr. Wendy Perrell Intro - "Soul Empowerment: Stepping into Your Spiritual Power"

    About This Series:
    Soul empowerment is necessary for all souls, young and old. Prior to incarnation, all souls chose a physical form and a set of karmic experiences that supports the soul’s growth. Understanding your soul’s path, purpose and energetic presence can help you shift stuck energy patt...

  • Chiraya Dharma Teacher Introduction

    Remember the exhilaration of play as a small child? On the edge of expectancy, we felt light, vibrant—truly alive! As people age, it is not that they no longer have access to that lightness of being. Instead, it is that they buy into the density of unloving thoughts and actions which in turn slow...

  • Cheryl Banfield Introduction

    About "Evolving Into Your Light" Series:
    Evolving Into Your Light will bring you into a higher vibration and provide you with techniques to be more in your own Divine Light. We will journey through the light body structure in your energy field with meditation and sound healing. You will be brough...

  • Crystal Hilsley - Introduction to "Crystal Clear Kids"

    Host Crystal Hilsley introduces her series "Crystal Clear Kids."
    Click here to watch:

    About This Series:
    The purpose of this series is to support the collective who have been gifted the responsibility of caring for the Crystal and Rainbow Children ...

  • Yvonne Skelly - Introduction to "Celtic Heart Wisdom" Show

    About This Series:
    Fáilte! (that is the native Irish language for Welcome!) to Celtic Heart Wisdom.
    This brand-new show on Awake TV Network brings some Celtic Heart Wisdom & Activations, streamed live each week from the ancient lands of Ireland and hosted by Irish native and visionary leader, Yvo...

  • Allen Schoen Intro

    Dr. Schoen will share his insights on the latest advances in holistic integrative animal healthcare as well as his unique expanded vision of how the human animal bond can be one way to help heal the world. His new approach is called "One Health, One Happiness Quantum Approach to Animal Healthcare...

  • Krista Thornhill Introduction to "Down to Earth"

    Krista Thornhill introduces herself and her Series, "Down to Earth"
    Season 1 - Beginning Oct. 6th, 2020 for a 12-Week Series
    About This Series:
    Applying practical wisdom gleaned from the Earth's natural rhythms to create personal balance and grounding. Earth Based Spirituality provides us with a ...

  • Veda Austin - Introduction to "The Secret Intelligence of Water" Show

    12-Week Series with episodes airing every Sunday 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern Time (Mondays at 11am New Zealand Time)
    About This Series:
    The ancients and indigenous people have always believed that water is a living being. Scientists tell us that water came from meteorites making it an alien substa...

  • Agathi Chris & Daniel Mitel Introduction Video to "Remember Who You Really Are"

    Season 1 begins Nov. 5th, 2020 for a 12-Week Series
    ​​​Every Thursday at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern Time
    About This Series:
    Once you reconnect with your Heart, remembering who you really are becomes easy. In our shows we will be sharing meditations and Heart Imagery exercises that will help you o...

  • Marcy Neumann's Teacher Introduction to "The Spirit of Healing UNLEASHED" Show

    Series Description:
    ​The Spirit of Healing Unleashed is dedicated to the exploration of various modalities that open energetic portals for realignment, reorganization of energy patterns and healing. Very simply put, energy that has become discordant creates disorganized patterns of its own consci...

  • Emily Harrison Introduction to "The Akashic Show"

    Emily Harrison's Introduction Video to "The Akashic Show"
    Season 1 - Beginning Sept. 7th, 2020 for a 12-Week Series

  • Lori Kirstein Teacher & Show Introduction

    Lori Kirstein Teacher Introduction to herself and her "Goodbye Good Girl - The Feminine Face of Leadership" Show
    Season 1 is Livestreaming every Wednesday at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern Time // Beginning Aug. 5th for a 12-Week Series

    Series Description:
    The "Goodbye, Good Girl: The Feminine F...

  • Robin Clements Introduction Video to "Solutionaries"

    Season 1 begins Nov. 10th, 2020 for a 12-Week Series
    ​​​Every Tuesday at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern Time.
    About This Series - "Solutionaries: Integrative Medicine for Global Well-Being"
    Robin shares in conversation with international teachers, specialists and ceremonial leaders about simple soluti...

  • Letina Russell Intro

    Born as a highly sensitive intuitive, Letina remembers the call of the dolphins and whales beginning in her teenage years.

    Wondering how to heed the call, when her youngest children were born in 2004, Letina immersed herself in the world of Chinese Metaphysics, and was fascinated with how this...